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Delivering Powerful Solutions to Wonderful Opportunity

One Size Does Not Fit All.

In a little over a decade, we have helped almost 100 banking institutions with our credit risk management consulting
services -- with custom crafted solutions to help your company reach its full potential.

Our seasoned team of professionals are ready to play a key role on your team.  Through hands-on consultation, our team focuses on improving and increasing profits and shareholder value while decreasing overall risk exposure.  We offer a broad spectrum of credit risk management services as well as an option to purchase services 'a la carte' so you can get precisely what you need at the critical time you need it. 

'Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.'
- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

  • Credit Culture
    • Defining Your Credit Culture
    • Changing Your Credit Culture
    • Managerial Assessments

  • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Solving Concentration Issues
    • Portfolio Stress Testing

Our Credit training is divided into two sections - Commercial and Consumer - with both courses covering the following core elements:
  • Discuss evolution of the credit and lending landscape as it applies to each client.
  • Learn how to identify and analyze possible risks and communicate and inform those potential risks effectively to the appropriate parties.
  • Review duties and roles of a high-functioning team.
  • Review the policies, guidelines, and procedures that provide the operating framework.
  • Present a lending approach that is structured, yet flexible enough to grow with the bank. A key area covered is understanding how the loan will be repaid:
1. Primary source of repayment: Delve into cash flow analysis, projections, represented cash sources, and stated usage.

2. Secondary source of repayment: Identifying, assessing and quantifying liquidity and collateral valuations within the context of loan structuring.

3. Global Cash Flow: Taking a conservative approach to properly qualifying, calculating, and determining the relevance of global cash flow.
Read More... (Commercial Credit Training & Consumer Credit Training)

The Board of Directors Training is designed for Board members who may or may not have direct credit and/or lending experience.  Typical areas covered:
  • Clarification of the roles, responsibilities and potential liabilities of Board Members.
  • The role of the Board as it relates to building and maintaining a solid and clearly defined credit culture.
  • Understanding bank performance, credit policy, overall risk exposure and credit quality.
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